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The Perfect Country Rock n Roll Wedding Entertainer

I know how important a wedding is to a loving couple, and how much the music and entertainment can make a night extra special.  I believe there is a delicate balance, when to keep the music in the background, and when to push the party.  I believe I'm the perfect entertainer to make it amazing.  I think its best to stick to pre-recorded chosen songs for entrance, cutting of the cake and first dances as you want these songs in your mind exactly as you know them.  I think its great to have a warm up set during dinner so I can introduce myself to your guests and get them involved. After the first dances, my show kicks the party into drive with crowd engaging entertainment & the most energetic one man band you will see. I perform 3 sets of live entertainment with seamless changes between DJ'ing and live entertainment until finish.  Its the perfect mix between the wedding party music & hits of today via DJing, and all the greatests party songs of all time that I sing with great real band backing tracks, guitar, awesome portable Stage, fantastic LED & Projection light show !  

​Reception Entertainment 


Includes : 

  • Stage & Lighting equipment

  • Total of up to 6 hours of Entertainment both DJ & LIVE based on normal run times from 6pm-12pm

  • All PA equipment including Shure SLX BETA 58 Cordless Microphone for speeches.

  • Public Liability Insurance (in the unlikely damage to people or property that may result from my equipment or entertainment)

  • Up to 50km Travel Included. 

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