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Picture of my stage with Lights

The Show
A huge Band Sound at a Great Price

The Sound


Our band delivers a sound experience unlike any other, utilizing the top-tier KW series QSC Powered subs and 3-way speakers at every gig. With a staggering 4000 real Watts of power at our disposal, we can pump up the volume for those electric moments, yet ensure crystal clear, warm sound during more intimate ones. Our unique foot-controlled backing system, boasting genuine recorded instruments, replicates the fullness of a live band - but without the hefty price tag. Beyond the electrifying tracks, we also serenade audiences with acoustic renditions on guitar and piano, setting the perfect ambiance.

Leading our ensemble is an award-winning artist, bringing over 25 years of entertainment prowess to the stage. We're not just another band; we're a guarantee of an unforgettable night. We've all attended events with lackluster music, and we're committed to ensuring your event isn't one of them. Our handpicked repertoire includes the greatest rock n roll and country hits, seamlessly transitioning into contemporary party anthems and timeless classics, ensuring the energy never dips.

And for an immersive experience? Our frontman, equipped with the same head-worn microphone used by legends like Garth Brooks and a wireless guitar system, isn't confined to the stage. Expect him to weave through the crowd, serenading guests up close, atop chairs, or even on the bar, drawing everyone into the revelry.

For more details and to discuss how we can elevate your event, don't hesitate to reach out.

Picture of QSC Speakers

The Stage & Lights 

At every show I bring a portable compact sized stage for your event. These stages can fit most places !!  We just need about 4m x 3m at a minimum.  It turns any room into a rock concert setting and adds amazing atmosphere !!


Also I use an all foot controlled light show consisting of hundreds of led lights is stock standard with any show I do..  This includes an impressive LED Backdrop, LED PAR CANS on trees, foot controlled flood light and disco lights to spunk up the dance floor !! I bring a smoke machine which gives a great party haze, flame lights, moving projection lighting, and a 600 LED Video spectacular backdrop.

Song List Picture
Song List Picture
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